Frequency Range 1 - 18 GHz
Key Features Density of 1.6 to 4.6 g/cc, high viscosity, low water absorption
Thickness Can be poured, cast or spread on surfaces
Service Temp. 356°F (180°C)
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor and Outdoor
Descriptions 2-Part castable epoxy resin (rigid)

ECCOSORB® CR is a series of castable resins which can be used to mold waveguide terminations, attenuators, loads and other custom parts to finished size.  When fully cured, these materials will duplicate the physical and electrical properties of the corresponding material in the ECCOSORB® MF series.  For example ECCOSORB® CR-117 is the equivalent to ECCOSORB® MF-117. Due to their low out-gassing properties, these materials may be suitable for space applications.

All members of the ECCOSORB® CR series are supplied as two component kits consisting of a Component X (resin) and Component Y (catalyst).